Compensation and Employee Benefits

Opportunities for personnel:

  • Education at company’s expense. Employees of service and technology departments receive training in our schools (School of Servers, School of Sushi Masters). All apprenticeship in schools is standardized and is held at the highest level.
  • Uniforms. The restaurant provides comfortable and beautiful uniforms to all staff.
  • Free medical examinations. Since the work at the restaurans is related to food and beverage service, all employees have to pass annual professional medical check-ups at company’s expense.
  • Staff meals. There is a special food menu with reduced prices, and drinks are always provided free of charge for all employees.
  • Corporate events. Corporate culture is very important to all Sushiya employees. We have regular team competitions between the restaurants and within each restaurant in particular. Gifts can be ranging from various certificates to small corporate parties.

Labor Compensation

Sushiya restaurant employees receive set hourly wages. Hourly wage rate depends on the position and the professional level of each employee.

There is an additional payment for work at night and during the holidays. Each employee of our company is encouraged to participate in various incentive programs, such as 'The Best Employee'.

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