The head of internal audit Department

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Key duties:

  • Development and implementation of company’s internal control system, including performance evaluation;
  • To estimate adherence to internal control procedures through reviewing records, reports, actual performance and documents;
  • To review company’s assets and liabilities data through comparing actual balance with reported data;
  • To audit records through gathering, analysing and integrating operative information and trend data;
  • To develop medium audit plan for company’s units (per year, per month);
  • Analysing new business process offers evaluating its compliance with internal control system;
  • Action plan performance control grounding on significant estimates of previous audit;
  • Investigating fraud, theft, writing offs; recommendations on preventive control and violations detecting;
  • Recording audit results in approved format;
  • Writing monthly audit/ investigation reports implementing measures as to increasing effectiveness of internal control;  
  • Coordination of external auditors;
  • Executing point audit upon request of the Director General and Director on Finance;
  • Securing confidentiality of data known during the course of work;
  • Developing internal regulatory and methodology standards of company’s internal control system;
  • Professional advancement, engaging activities of further advanced training.

Key requirements:

  • University Degree (Economics, Finance, Accounting, Audit), professional experience (Audit) or at least 4 years on related offices (Accountant, Economist, Financial Manager);
  • Work experience in product or trade companies, hotel or restaurant business is preferable;
  • Deep knowledge of Accounting and Tax, ISA – basic level;
  • Basic knowledge of ISA, ability to create company’s unit audit programme and unit budgets individually.  To record audit results briefly and in quality manner, to provide definite proposals and action plans.
  • High standards – uncompromising quality of executing objectives, further advanced training (examining changes in tax law);
  • Innovations – pro-active approach on searching the most efficient decisions, eliminating failures of business process

We offer:

  • An interesting job in sustainable company, professional advancement;
  • Formal employment;
  • Social benefits and guarantees;
  • Friendly environment;
  • Cosy office in Pechersk. 
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