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80% of all directors and managers of the Sushiya restaurants came to the company to work as servers or sushi masters and were able to demonstrate their leadership and organizational skills, went through regular training and, therefore, achieved considerable success. You can build a career in the restaurant business with the Sushiya company. We present the possibility of a dynamic career: in a year you can become a manager of one of Sushiya restaurants.

We teach a new profession through our unique training programs – the School of Sushi Masters and the School of Servers, which were developed by Sushiya specialists. Different competitions for the employees are regularly held in Sushiya restaurants, such as the Championship of Sushi Masters, Chefs and Bartenders contests, The Best Server contest.

There is an opportunity to work flexible hours at Sushiya restaurants. We try to take into consideration the needs of our employees when making the schedule. A lot of students are able to combine work in the restaurant with their studies. In addition, the geographical locations of Sushiya restaurants allow you to choose the workplace near your home.

We invite you to our large and friendly team!

The School of Sushi Masters

Sushiya opened the first and the only School of Sushi Masters in Ukraine at the end of 2011. Comprehensive training for chefs who specialize in sushi in Ukraine is extraordinarily rare. The Sushiya School of Sushi Masters has been recognized by experts as the most successful training project and got the second place in the HR-Brand Award - 2012 professional competition.

The School of Sushi Masters has become an inherent part of Sushiya. The company prepares young qualified specialists who are ready to start their work immediately thanks to this program. In just 2 weeks we enable the profession to people and give them the foundation for the future career. In the Sushiya chain of restaurants every sushi master has a unique chance to become a Japanese cuisine chef in just one year. In addition, with the help of this school every Ukrainian has the opportunity to learn how to make sushi professionally.

Each school accepts a group of up to 8 people, and the training takes 14 days. An experienced and qualified trainer works with the students.

The school's program consists of both theoretical and practical parts. Theory is taught in an equipped classroom, practical classes are held at the school base and then in the 'field conditions' – in one of Sushiya restaurants. During the training students are provided with everything they need, such as uniform, inventory, subsidized meals.

The Sushi Master is one of the most important roles of Sushiya restaurants. Sushi bars in each restaurant are positioned in such a way that the guests are able to watch the preparation of their sushi and rolls. Some guests are interested in the process of preparation of the dishes that they ordered and they come up to the sushi-bar, ask about the ingredients and chat with the chefs. It is very honorable and requires a lot of responsibility to be a sushi chef at Sushiya.

The School of Servers

The first Sushiya School of Severs opened in September 2012.

The training involves learning not only the menu, ingredients and cuisine of Sushiya restarurants, but also learning the service standards, subtleties of communication with the Guests and much more. For the training period all the students are provided with uniforms, materials and subsidized meals. The school schedule is saturated: every day the students spend 5 to 7 hours working on the floor since practice in this business is crucial. At the end of the training graduates take a theoretical (knowledge of the menu and the standards) and a practical (guest service) exams, after which they start to work in one of Sushiya restaurants.

Experienced trainers from the School of Servers, who help the students learn a new profession, are our pride. They are talented, intelligent and experienced, and (which is most important) they are practitioners, the best waiters of the Sushiya chain.

A server is the face of the restaurant. This is a person who communicates with the Guest, greets him or her at the door. The Server's work is dynamic, demanding and full of communication. The waiter should love the people, be quick on the draw, communicative, speak correctly and have a pleasant appearance.

If you feel the desire and strength to learn the trade of this profession – our doors are open for you!

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