For Partners

Sushiya company, the largest chain of Japanese restaurants in Ukraine, invites to cooperation and offers high-quality imported products.

The advantages of cooperation with Sushiya are:

  • guarantee of high quality of the products;
  • certifications;
  • preparation of complex proposals to fully meet the needs of your business;
  • individual business conditions;
  • delivery.

To discuss the conditions of cooperation, please, contact Sushiya company Department of Distribution Development. Contact person - Elena Latynina,

  • We bring to your attention the following products:
  • Rice Calrose (USA) kg - 51,00 UAH
  • Rice chips (China), pack 0.227kg - 19.20grn
  • Cheese cream (Latvia) - 145,75 UAH
  • Ginger pickled (China) kg - 48,00 UAH
  • Hiyashi Wakame (China) kg - 174.00 UAH
  • Shrimp Vannamei 41 | 50 (Vietnam) kg - 422,00 UAH
  • Nori pack 100L China kg - 330.00 UAH
  • Glass noodles (China) kg - 108,00 UAH
  • Vinegar rice (USA) l - 62,00 UAH
  • Breadcrumbs (USA) kg - 115,00grn


Dear partners, landlords and stakeholders,

Sushiya company will be glad to cooperate at all stages of openning and operations support of our nationwide chain of restaurants. You can leave your suggestions about cooperation and your contact information in the application form. Our Real Estate Manager will contact you shortly.

We would be glad to consider offers for opening new Sushiya restaurants in the cities with a population of more than 250 thousand people. The area size of our restaurant premises usually varies between 220-350 square meters. If necessary, feel free to review the additional technical requirements for Sushiya restaurant premises.

Download technical requirements for Sushiya restaurants


Thank you for your interest in Sushiya company and restaurants.

If you have any questions, suggestions for cooperation or comments regarding our work, please fill out the form below.

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