Quality Control

Logistics System

The balanced logistics system of Sushiia covers all the stages, ranging from the raw materials procurement from the manufacturers and up to delivery to the restaurants. At the stages we strictly control compliance with the quality standards and regularly inspect our suppliers for compliance with our strict standards. We apply the strict delivery schedule – the products volume is estimated subject to each restaurants' demands. The centralized procurement (99% items of the food group) allows controlling the prices and securing uniform quality standards all over the network. 

Direct Deliveries from Ecologically Clean Regions

We directly import the key ingredients for our restaurants from the manufacturers (circa 30% procurements or about 25 items) – it is another quality assurance tool and warranty of the best price for our guests.

We take food to the restaurants from ecologically clean regions of those countries which are well known for the quality of products representing the category we need. For instance, our salmon originates from Norway, eel, flying fish caviar, nori, hiyyashi, ginger and wasabi from China and tuna from Indonesia. We take special breeds of rice from the US. While soy sauce we purchase from Japanese manufacturer Yamasa. In 2012 we became the first tom import original cream cheese, as well as several items for our season menus which were unique for Ukrainian market.

We permanently search for the bets suppliers, expanding the list of the own import products and maintain good relations with Ukrainian manufacturers.

Selecting Suppliers

We select our suppliers from those countries which are oriented on the products we need. Such orientation guarantees the quality and traditions. Once the country is chosen we thoroughly select the manufacturers preferring large companies with certified manufacturing processes and the established sales system. At the selection stage we always visit our suppliers' plants, assessing the manufacturing processes, testing the products' quality and taste. The price is certainly important, but primarily we are focused on the quality. The final decision is made by our production manager and chef, and once the product is brand new for the market, the top managers of Sushiia take part in the degustation process.

Furthermore, we often visit the largest international sectoral exhibitions, get acquainted and communicate with the leading players of various markets.





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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