Work Principles

We offer our guests healthy Japanese cuisine with the tastiest dishes preserving maximum of their useful properties. We have developed and strictly comply with four basic rules: Freshness, Quality, Usefulness and Safety.


Our internal quality control system is highly strict: We thoroughly select suppliers and contractors – all of them are subject to the comprehensive selection procedure. Further, they are inspected for compliance with the high quality standards of Sushiia. We are striving to provide our restaurants with the products of the highest quality but at affordable price. For this purpose Sushiia has been establishing the direct supplies system for several years – we receive 25 our key ingredients from Norway, Latvia, Chine, Vietnam and the USA. The volume of Sushiia's direct import has been continuously growing. Direct purchase from the manufacturers allow us guaranteeing sustainable high quality of food offered to our guests at a moderate cost price.


Japanese cuisine means freshness, freshness and once again freshness. Our products are subject to minimal or even no thermal treatment. Therefore, absolute freshness of the ingredients is critically important. This is the duty of our Logistics and Products Treatment Function: Twice a week it causes centralized supply of ingredients for our dishes, while the fruits and vegetables we receive on a daily basis.  The ideal freshness and safety of our fish is secured through freeze-quenching at -30 °C.  Freeze-quenching of freshly-caught fish is a universal standard applied worldwide, namely in Japan. Thus, all the organoleptic and flavor properties of the products are preserved. A quick-frozen product is certainly a fresh product.


Everyone knows that Japanese cuisine the healthiest and the most balanced one in the world: it secures proper ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is useful and energetically full-fledged food – which is one of the core reasons for the longest life span in the world: Japanese people live for 84 years, in average! They regularly eat rice (which is a source of complex carbohydrates, cellulose and potassium) and sea foods (saturating the organism with protein, vitamin and microelements). The dishes of Japanese cuisine are predominantly low-caloric, being however tasty and nutritious – they give you a sense of fullness without feeling of heaviness.

The dishes service manner plays an important role as well – over many centuries the proportions of all the ingredients and esthetics of serving have made up an ideal formula. Here in Sushiia we venerate with heart and soul all the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun. Therefore, along with the gastronomic delight our guests get esthetical joy. It is useful for all the sense organs! 


Safety is one of our business's milestones. We pay close attention to the safety, using much efforts and resources on the way of its permanent improvement. That is why in December, 2015 Sushiia became the first restaurant in Ukraine launching the Food Safety Comprehensive Program in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – member of the World Bank's Group and the major global development institute. The Program implies through inspection of the entire network's restaurant by the internationally recognized experts, improving the foods safety control system, permanent monitoring at all stages of our work – ranging from the supplies and up to serving the finished dishes to the guests of our restaurants. You can be sure that we do secure the highest level of safety!

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