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It`s too close for a lunch? Then run to Sushiya! The flavors of Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, China - are already waiting for you in our new lunch proposals!

1st of October, 2018, the SUSHIYA company has joined one of the biggest businesses in Ukraine – the USG Holding.

It is possible to order master class for children and adults again! 

Business-lunch in Sushiya

Sushiia has announced the results of 2015 - the 9th year of successful operation in Ukrainian market. The company starts its anniversary year holding 39 restaurants in 12 cities and towns of Ukraine (23 in Kyiv and 16 in the regions), more than 1,500 employees, new plans and prospects.

In summer the air is filled with the scent of freshly cut grass, fruits, berries, vegetables, lightness and joy. In Sun&Fun menu we gathered dishes and drinks that shall thoroughly correspond to the atmosphere.

On December 22 Sushiya presented the new season menu to its most exacting and sophisticated audience: Roman Romanchuk, CEO of the network invited the journalists and bloggers to our restaurant in Pechersk and personally presented Fairy Winter menu to them

Замовляй через додаток Приват24!

All of us prepare to the New Year holidays in advance: We purchase foods, explore recipes and think of cooking some tasty dishes for our friends and family. And Sushiya is not an exception! Our bright chefs took care in advance to produce a pleasant New Year surprise for every guest.

Запрошуємо до команди офіціантів! Рекомендуйте знайомих та друзів! 

Запрошуємо до команди Сушия кухарів! Рекомендуйте знайомих та друзів! 

На алкогольні напої (пиво та вино), акції та знижки не діють.

In March 2017 Sushiya launched new menu - it includes 3 absolutely new dishes and 4 your favourite dishes.

До уваги клієнтів Сушия: 03.08.2017, в День 8 Березня, доставка з ресторанів працюватиме за попереднім замовленням.

Вітаємо зі святом весни! Дякуємо за розуміння. :)

Звертаємо вашу увагу, що відсьогодні наш ресторан на Великій Житомирській зачинено – він переїжджає до нової локації, де вже зовсім скоро тішитиме вас улюбленими стравами японської кухні – так само смачними, корисними та супер-свіжими, але у новенькому сучасному приміщенні та у нових стильних інтер’єрах. Заінтриговані? Тож стежте за нашими новинами на офіційній сторінці «Сушия».

Шанувальники японської кухні, вітаємо!

Хочемо застережити, що в Instagram з’явився фейковий акаунт «Сушия» – неіснуючий ресторан у новому ТРЦ Lavina Mall роздає вигадані знижки першим фоловерам

Семь самураев дарят новые вкусы. Друзья, у нас новость! Вкусная и аппетитная. Для того, чтобы согреть душу и тело в холодные осенние дни, наши шеф-повара разработали для вас семь новых блюд. Встречайте Легендарную Семерку в сети ресторанов “СушиЯ”! Оригинальные блюда-самураи с магическими способностями. Давайте знакомиться

The restaurant chain of modern Japanese food "Sushiya" opened its first restaurant in Poltava on Independence Day on the 24th of August. The restaurant "Sushiya" that is located in the center of Poltava at Sobornosti Street, 29/15, became the 43rd place of the chain in Ukraine.

For men from “Exact Delivery”, the road is literally a workplace. Long hours they spent at the wheel delivering you freshest dishes of Japanese cuisine. And they do it with a great skill passing all traffic bottlenecks and knowing bypass roads, sometimes driving through rain and snow when it is hard to control a vehicle and every wrong move may cost life of pedestrians or drivers.

On May 13, 2016, Japanese restaurant chain Sushiya opened a restaurant in the new shopping and leisure centre New Way. 

Japanese restaurant chain Sushiya has successfully completed the first stage of building the food safety control system: the company underwent the comprehensive audit and started to implement innovations recommended by experts. Sushiya is the first company in Ukrainian sector of HoReCa that initiated implementation of such programme in liaison with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

To learn how to split a salmon, make sushi and rolls can be very exciting, especially if top sous-chefs of the biggest Ukraine Japanese chain Sushshiya are in charge

Sushiya restaurant at Gulliver’s food-court became 41st chain’s restaurant in Ukraine and 24th in Kyiv.

Project “Kilometry dobra” is aimed to promote active lifestyle and help HIV-positive children. It launches 17 April.  First stage of the project is Kyiv Half Marathon, which is going to be the greatest sports event of the year. The 6th city marathon will gather amateur athletes from different countries as well as Ukrainian stars, social leaders and representatives of business. 

Japanese restaurant chain Sushiya launched a new option on its web site enabling users to communicate with the contact centre staff online.  

Japanese restaurant chain Sushiya headed the list of the best sushi bars and was among top 3 delivery services based on the results of the rating “Best restaurants 2015” according to the portal Lasoon.

«Sushiya» congratulates on the anniversary Mirovaia Karta Group of Companies – the legendary restaurant network which we have been a party to for 10 years so far.

Dear guests!
Due to the large number of orders for the holiday dinner, we would like to inform you that on March 8th order delivery time may be extended.
Looking forward for your orders in advance via tel. 097-722-55-55 and 044-22-55-555.
Working hours remain the same as always. 

On February 19, 2016 the network of Modern Japanese cuisine restaurants Sushiya closed the annual competition among its cooks. The competition was attended by maestros of the Japanese cuisine from the different cities and towns of Ukraine. Andrii Vyshnevyi from Vinnytsia Sushiia became a winner.


Dear guests!
Due to the large number of orders for the holiday dinner, we would like to inform you that on February 14th Sushiya Delivery service will work upon advanced orders.
Working hours remain the same as always. 

The new Sushiia restaurant (at 3 Shevchenka Ave.) became the 40th restaurant of the network in Ukraine and the third one in Lviv. The first Sushiia restaurant in the Western part of Ukraine was opened in 2010, the second one – in the autumn of 2015.

8 февраля 2016 года сеть ресторанов современной японской кухни «Сушия» открыла новый ресторан в центре Львова. Новый ресторан «Сушия» (пр. Шевченко, 3) стал 40-м заведением сети в Украине и третьим во Львове.

Tasting Session as a Part of Opening the New Restaurant 

In the summer of 2014 operating business at the ATO (antiterrorist operation) zone uncontrollable by Ukrainian authorities became problematic. At the beginning of the conflict's active stage the company's management decided to shut down the restaurants at the occupied territory, since they had been captured by the third parties. Safety of the employees and visitors is the company's key priority. Therefore, the Company had to shut down the restaurants, leaving there all the equipment, furniture, household appliances etc.

Dear guests!
Due to the large number of orders for the Christmas Eve dinner, we would like to inform you that on January 6th Sushiya Delivery service will work upon advanced orders.
Our schedule for the holidays:

  • 06.01 – until 19.00
  • 07.01 – since 12.00
  • from 08.01 - as usual

Merry Christmas!

Dear guests!
Due to the large number of orders for the New Year's dinner table, we would like to inform you that on December 31 Sushiya Delivery service will work upon advanced orders.
Our schedule for the holidays:

  •  31.12 - 19.00
  •  01.01 - 13.00
  •  from 02.01 - as usual

Happy New Year!

We expand our delivery capabilities and make this service even more convenient: Now you will be able to order your favorite dishes from Sushiya using mobile application Privat24 for iOS and Android.

From December 23, 2015 through January 24, 2016 Sushiia and WOG Petrol Stations will offer New Year surprises to their guests. Fill in at least 20 liters of any fuel at WOG Petrol Station and get a Sushiia certificate giving UAH 100 discount for any order of at least UAH 300. You may get use of the offer both at Sushiia restaurants and through Sushiia delivery service.

В декабре 2015 года «Сушия» первой среди ресторанов Украины запустила комплексную программу подготовки по пищевой безопасности, которая продлится полгода и будет предшествовать международной сертификации FSSC 22000. 

У зимы тоже есть вкус! И это вкус настойки Бехеровка!
С 16.12.2015 по 15.01.2016 во всех ресторанах Сушия действует предложение от ТМ Бехеровка: заказывай набор «три настойки Бехеровка по 50мл» за 92 гривны. Лучшее предложение для прохладных зимних дней. 

Your bellowed restaurant in Raion Shopping and Entertainment Center takes a short time-out. It will be unavailable for several days. But hold off on getting upset! First, the forced sushi starvation will last for 4 days only - from December 14 to 17, 2015. Second, we take a short pause to invite you to the renovated Sushiia Raion – a more spacious, comfortable and roomy restaurant, able to accommodate the growing number of our guests.

Time of original drinks by Sushiya
From 19.11 through 18.12.2015 at all Sushiia restaurants get use of the special offer by Jameson TM: order the set "three 50 ml of Jameson whiskey for UAH 148". The best offer for the real connoisseurs of alcohol beverages. 

+1 in Lvov. Plus one Sushiya restaurant. Starting from 25th of September Lviv citizens can enjoy modern Japanese cuisine in two times more. New restaurant Sushiya opens in Shopping mall Forum on Pid Dubom str 7

Win 50 on your score with MasterCard® and Sushiya!

From September, 1st  till November 30 make delivery order from 250 UAH, pay your order with your MasterCard® card and receive a certificate for 50 UAH.

Your joy - priceless!

Sushiya is speed,  innovativeness and performance

When the city falls asleep, they wake up. Heroes that you call when you feel irresistible desire ... to eat. Tough guys with steel muscles, rushing through the dark city streets to get to your door and materialise the most ardent culinary desires... But we know that in the dreams you crave MORE, and we offer MUCH MORE!

New Sushiya restaurant on the second floor of 'Aprel' Mall opened on May, 2.

Restaurants and Delivery Service Sushiya gladly give you a festive mood and unforgettable experience on Valentine's Day. We invite you to spend the night in one of our restaurants or enjoy a delicious dinner at home.

Recently a number of Internet resources have published the information that the Economic Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of the prosecution and obliged Sushiya to return of illegal rent spacement in the center of Kyiv.

Dear friends, Christmas holidays are coming soon!

We announce work schedule of Sushiya restaurants and Precise Delivery Service for this period.

Now one can order Japanese cuisine from Sushiya restaurants to Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and Kharkiv suburbs.

Sushiya invites adults and children to take a part in the cooking classes of preparing sushi. 

At the 2-hour master class child will create Japanese dishes, meet with professional sushi masters and learn the secrets of preparing traditional Japanese sushi.

Everyone can easily bring life to the fir-tree! We invite you to participate in the activity on our official pages on Facebook and Vkontakte. Click «Like» to publication of this special post and share it with your friends using the hashtag #подаруй_ялинці_життя

A new cake menu is a special offer for connoisseurs of exquisite sweets which appears in Sushiya menu from today.

Sushiya company presents the results of social initiative «Let's help our defenders» launched in September 2014.

Thanks to Sushiya Guests who took part in the initiative «Let's help our defenders» we managed to collect more than 400 thousand UAH, which were assigned to support the soldiers and the Ukrainians have suffered from actions in the area of ​​the ATO.

Last week we provided crew Hottabych at ATO zone with two artificial lung ventilation units.

Sushiya continues to expend “Domopozhemo svoim” initiative, aiming to help Ukrainian fighters in ATO zone, and launches new symbolic souvenir – keychain Victory.

Thanks to your participation, including purchasing of Victory roll and stickers, we collected 41 657 UAH, which were sent to the fund "Kozhen Mozhe" (Volunteer hundred)

This autumn restaurant chain of modern Japanese cuisine Sushiya will surprise its Guests with new unusual menu called “Gastronomic calligraphy”. 

An unforgettable taste and an opportunity to get acquainted with Japanese culture – these are only few parts of pleasure, which our Guests will get when ordering new meals from “Sushiya”.

The press breakfast, organized by Sushiya, took place on October 2. The company’s CEO Roman Romanchuk met with journalists, representing the leading Ukrainian media.

Now Sushiya fans have one more place where they can enjoy a delicious meal, pleasant interior and nice service. On September, 25 we opened a new Sushiya restaurant in Kyiv in the new mall "Prospekt". 

Sushiya starts a project “Let’s help our defenders”, which main goal is to help our fighters and Ukrainians affected in the ATO zone.

We have created a special roll named “Victory”. When buying this roll each of us can support Ukrainian army, as 30% of roll’s price will be transferred on account of civil platform “Volunteer hundred”.

Now one can order Japanese cuisine from Sushiya restaurants to Zazymye, Pogreby, Irpin, Bilogorodka, Knyazhychy, Vyshneve, Brovary, Byshgorod, Chabany, Novobilychi, Kotsyubynske and Shchaslyve. 

Thanks to your support for the project «Let's help our defenders» we collected an amount of 362 552 UAH to help our soldiers.

Recently we have provided volunteers from ICF 'Everybody Can' with one more artificial lung ventilation unit.

In July, Sushiya opens a new restaurant with 134 sitting places in the biggest shopping mall of our capital Ocean Plaza. 

Dear Guests!

We became aware that SM Group company distributed coupons for a free meal or drink at Sushiya restaurants.

We inform you that Sushiya restaurant chain has no relation to the special offers of the company SM Group.

In summer time «Sushiya» hastens to make happy the Guests by updating the main menu to surprise them with bright novelty.

Официальная позиция ООО «Сушия» относительно неправомерных действий руководства ТЦ «Ультрамарин» по отношению к имуществу сети

Sushiya restaurants are in the final of 'Best restaurants 2014' rating in the nomination 'Best Sushi'. Last year we won the award and hope to renew our success in 2014. 

Since May 7, Sushiya company suspends operations of two restaurants and Precise Delivery service in Simferopol.

Now Sushiya Delivery can be ordered directly from your smartphone, without visiting our website. New application for Android users offers the convenience of navigation, easy functional food choices, as well as restaurants location and the latest special offers of Sushiya.

Sushiya calls to join the project of '1+1' and Ukrainian crisis media center and thank the heroes of the war for peace.

Last week our Sushiya team visited Volunteer Hundred to help with the packing of ankle boots to be sent to the front, and eventually we have received pictures from our grateful defenders.

Specialists of Japanese restaurants chain Sushiya hold a master class for students of the Faculty of HoReCa businesses of the National University of Food Technologies.

Sushiya Brand Chef with the team of SportLand fitness trainers developed a unique fitness menu.

Members of SportLand fitness clubs in Kyiv now can enjoy special menu in Sushiya restaurants and Delivery Service and get a nice bonus for each order.

Dear ladies! 

Our congratulations to you on Womens' Day - Day of Spring, Beauty and Love! 

On March, 7, a new Sushiya restaurant starts working in one of the most prestigious regions of Kyiv - Obolon. The restaurant is situated in the modern residential complex 'Parkove misto' on Vyshgorodska Str. 45.

Biggest Japanese restaurant chain in Ukraine Sushiya opens new restaurant in the second line of a large shopping center 'Pivdenna galereya' and Precise Delivery service in Simferopol.

When winter brings frost and snow into our lives and paints everything around with white and grey colors, we more than ever feel the need for warmth and bright colors.

For those who value every minute, for those who do not always have time to enjoy a favorite hot drink while sitting in a restaurant or at home, Sushiya offers a new service - tea and coffee to go.

Sushiya selected the best sushi masters at a Nationwide Sushi Masters Championship.

The winners are Dmytro Osadchyy, Dmytro Vysokos and Bohdan Movchan who got first, second and third places respectively.

Our dear Guests!

Big Sushiya team congratulates you with upcoming holidays and wishes Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, Christmas holidays are coming soon!

We announce work schedule of Sushiya restaurants and Point Delivery service for this period.

Simferopol residents get an exciting present - first Sushiya restaurant in the city.

Restaurant is opened from December, 18.

Sorry, this page is available in Russian and Ukrainian only.

Sushiya has been providing vivid emotions and delicious dishes to the Guests for 7 years.

In honor of Sushiya birthday we prepared pleasant surprises and offer to taste our new special menu '7 years - 7 dishes' - the best dishes of our network.

Irashaimase to Sushiya restaurant at Mall 'Gulliver' in Kyiv!

Sushiya won 2nd place in the Capital category with the project Leaders' Workshop aimed at the development of managers within the company.

Dear visitors, you can find free tea and coffee in 6 Sushiya restaurants in the center of Kyiv.

It is also possible to charge cell phones and get free wi-fi. You are welcome here.

Ending of the autumn was marked for the Sushiya restaurant chain by opening of one more restaurant in Kyiv.

The new restaurant is located in shopping and office center «Silver Breeze» on Pavla Tychyny Str.

When temperature gets lower the desire to visit cozy places with warm weather gets stronger.

Sushiya will not replace a good rest in the warm countries, but will provide a pleasant pastime in the new restaurant on G.Kirpy Str.

Come on Khreschatyk, 7, to find yourself in the spotlight and get a tasty compliment.

The largest and fastest growing Ukrainian Japanese restaurants chain Sushiya presents a gift to the Sumy City Day. The first restaurant Sushiya in Sumy welcomes visitors since September 20th.

Restaurant is located on the second floor, in the area of ​​food court in the Manufactura Mall.

Sushiya restaurant chain presents new seasonal autumn menu.

Lviv residents can spend more time with families and work more effectively, without worrying about the lunch or dinner at the office or at home.

Since July 22th Lviv residents can order Sushiya Japanese cuisine at any point in the city.

The Sushiya company for the third year announces the enrollment to the traditional school of sushi masters. Everyone can easily learn a new profession and get a guaranteed job at the Sushiya restaurant - the fast growing chain of Japanese restaurants in Ukraine.

Sushiya restaurant chain introduces cloud service Office 365 and receives an effective business solution for employees.

In the summer there is a thirst for a refreshing coolness and light low-calorie meals.

New special summer menu of Sushiya brand-chef Yana Derevyanko will please our restaurants Guests with 3 position of the European salads, summer berry soup and 11 popular refreshing beverage.

This summer Sushiya will transform into an oasis for lovers of modern Japanese cuisine.

From May 30th an updated menu is introduced in the Sushiya restaurants chain.

«Сушия» готовит очередную приятную неожиданность для Гостей ресторанов сети.

19 мая во всех ресторанах сети «Сушия» пройдет «День ярких впечатлений», посвященный празднованию «Дня детей» в Японии.

Сеть ресторанов японской кухни «Сушия» увеличивает количество ресторанов в Киеве. Новое заведение появится в центре Киева на ул. Гринченко, 2/1

The new bright Sushiya restaurant starts work from April 5th and awaits for Guests at Blvd. Shevchenko, 208/1, in the largest shopping and entertainment center of the city - Lyubava.

The new menu was developed by Sushiya team under the guidance of Sushiya brand-chef Yana Derevyanko.

Dishes of Your Special Spring are the unique combination of light low-calorie ingredients useful for health and figure that is especially important on the eve of the summer season.

From February, 18th, Lutsk residents will be able to order Sushiya Japanese cuisine to any point of the city.

From February, 10th, Chernivtsi residents will be able to order Sushiya Japanese cuisine to any point of the city.

From February Odesa residents don't have to worry about lunch or dinner and can enjoy fresh, tasty and nutritious food right at home or work, without being distracted by cooking.

From January, 15th, Sushiya presents new special menu 'Fantastic Philadelphia' which is distinctive with popular cream cheese.

From January, 10th, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhia residents will be able to enjoy their favorite Sushiya dishes at any point of the city.

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