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The initiative «Let's help our defenders» from Sushiya collected more than 400 thousand UAH

15 May 2015

Sushiya company presents the results of social initiative «Let's help our defenders» launched in September 2014. Thanks to Sushiya Guests who took part in the initiative «Let's help our defenders» we managed to collect more than 400 thousand UAH, which were assigned to support the soldiers and the Ukrainians have suffered from actions in the area of ​​the ATO.

Guests of Sushiya restaurants and Delivery Service acquired stickers, keychains and bracelets, as well as specially designed roll with the symbolical name «Victory». 30% of the cost of each roll and all the profit from the sale of other promotional products Sushiya donated for charity. During the initiative Guests have purchased almost 20 thousand rolls «Victory», 8 thousand stickers and more than 3 thousand keychains and bracelets.

With the funds collected within the framework of «Let's help our defenders» initiative it was bought 3 artificial lung ventilation units, 150 pairs of ankle boots, 25 special tactical backpacks for mobile medical teams and a range of medications for wounded soldiers. On the eve of New Year holidays Sushiya also pleased the kids in boarding schools in the ATO area with presents.

Eugene Sandrak, project manager «Let's help our defenders»: 'At such a tragic and at the same time fateful time at our country's life, Sushiya company as a business just could not stay away. We are confident that our project has brought warmth and love to the hearts of our heroes and every day helps them to protect our common home - Ukraine.'

«Let's help our defenders» project team expresses deep gratitude to all Sushiya Guests who supported this social initiative.

Your Sushiya team

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Thanks to your support for the project «Let's help our defenders» we collected an amount of 362 552 UAH to help our soldiers.

Recently we have provided volunteers from ICF 'Everybody Can' with one more artificial lung ventilation unit.

Everyone can easily bring life to the fir-tree! We invite you to participate in the activity on our official pages on Facebook and Vkontakte. Click «Like» to publication of this special post and share it with your friends using the hashtag #подаруй_ялинці_життя

Last week we provided crew Hottabych at ATO zone with two artificial lung ventilation units.

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