Cooking classes for kids

17 June 2016

Don’t know how to keep your kids busy during vacations? Take them to “Sushiya”. Here, they will be entertained, fed and told a lot of interesting stories about Japan. They will learn how to cook Japanese dishes, so you have a chance to get your own little sous chef.

Summer day camp programme:

  • 12.00 –  Playing “Sushiya”
  • 14.00 – Cooking master class
  • 16.00 –  Playing “Sushiya”  (games "Explain the word" and "Lotto, lotto!" for kids from 5 up to 10; and UNO, "Junga", "Tasty colours", Alias, "Travelling around Europe", "Sudoku", "Dixit", "Bang! Samurai sword"  and Sushi Go! – for kids from 10 up to 15)
  • 18.00 – Cooking master class

Summer camp is working daily in the restaurant at 3a Peremohy Ave.

Below, you can find master class programmes and pricing:

We offer 2 programmes for kids of 5-10 years:

 “Japanese rice balls” master class cost 150 UAH

  • the class includes: Temari rice balls, a pancake with fruits, lemonade

 “Let’s draw tasty!” master class  cost 200 UAH

  • the class includes: a composition of omellete, Temari and vegetables that will release kid’s fantasy, a  pancake with fruits, lemonade

For kids of 10-15 we offer 4 programmes:

“Yoko” master class cost 150 UAH

  • the class includes: smoked salmon California roll, lemonade

“Izumi” master class cost 200 UAH

  • the class includes Harry roll, Tiramisu desert, lemonade

“Akemi” master class cost 200 UAH

  • the class includes: House roll, Milfey desert, lemonade

“Midori” master class cost 200 UAH

  • the class includes: Philadelphia roll with shrimp, Brownie Ice desert, lemonade

Schedule of cooking classes for August:

  • Business days:  14:00 and 17:00 p.m.
  • Weekends:  11:00 and 14:00 p.m.

Venue: Kyiv, 3a Peremohy Ave.

Duration: 1,5- 2 hours

Number of children in group: from 4 to 6.

For registration call  067-447-52-11

Discover Japanese cuisine with Sushiya!

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