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Cooking classes

17 June 2016

We invite you to fascinating Japanese cuisine cooking classes. During the master class, the restaurant’s sous chef will teach you how to choose high quality ingredients, how to split a fish, slice foodstuff and will even share a secret on how to cook rice properly. You will learn to cook popular rolls, guncans, nigiri and other dishes. But the most important – you will spend your time with joy and taste. Take your friends with you and come!     

“Salmon fantasies” master class the cost of 400 UAH

  • the class includes:  Philadelphia DL with fresh salmon, salmon sushi/baked salmon, Chile wine

“Golden Dragon” master class the cost of 400 UAH

  • the class includes: Golden Dragon, eel sushi, Chile wine

“Red Dragon” master class the cost of 400 UAH

  • the class includes: Red Dragon, Felix with salmon/ baked salmon, Chile wine

“Eel day” master class the cost of 400 UAH

  • the class includes: Felix with salmon, unagi roll, Chile wine

“Vega mood” master class the cost of 300 UAH

  • the class includes:  vegan spring rolls, Vega grilled roll, Italian wine

“Vega seduction” master class the cost of 300 UAH

  • the class includes: guncan sushi Hiyashi, vegetable salad, Italian wine

Schedule for August:

Tuesday 19:00 “Vega mood”
Wednesday 19:00 “Vega seduction”
Thursday 19:00 “Eel day”
Friday 19:00 “Salmon fantasies”
Saturday 17:00 “Golden Dragon”
Sunday 17:00 “Red Dragon”


Venue: Kyiv, 3а Peremohy Ave
Duration: 1,5- 2 hours
People in the group: from 4 to 6 persons.

Registration at: 067-447-52-11, Svetlana Poddubnaya.

Discover Japanese cuisine together with Sushiya!

See also "Culinary workshops for children"

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