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Mirovaya Karta celebrates 20 year anniversary

23 March 2016

«Sushiya» congratulates on the anniversary Mirovaia Karta Group of Companies – the legendary restaurant network which we have been a party to for 10 years so far.

Mirovaia Karta today means a 20 year history of gastronomic jazz: it is a history of brave experiments, improvising and creating trends in the restaurant market of Ukraine. Tracing its roots back to 1996 when the first steak house was opened in Ukraine under UncleSam’s name (currently - Sam’sSteakHouse), today Mirovaia Karta's portfolio comprises a real kaleidoscope of legendary gastronomic project, which have greatly contributed to forming a restaurant culture in Ukraine and introducing the exotic national cuisines to the country. The Mexican Tequila House and Georgian Mimino the Irish pub GoldenGate and the Moroccan and Mediterranean Marrakesh, the restaurant of haute Ukrainian cuisine Lypskyi Osobniak – all these locations constitute true landmarks on the restaurant  map of every gourmet.

The dynamic, fashionable and ambitious Mirovaia Karta is continuously developing and looking for new formats: the licensed lounge-restaurant Buddha-barKiev, the bar RedDoors, the network of pizza restaurants IlMolino and the networks of the city conceptual cafes CityZen were founded due to the innovation spirit, openness and jazz philosophy in the company's restaurant business.

2006 gave a birth to our network of Japanese cuisine «Sushiya». Currently we operate as many as 40 restaurants in the different parts of our country, and we are happy to contribute the exotic Japanese tones to the Jazz improvisation performed by Mirovaia Karta's big band!

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