Enjoy the journey into the Japanese world along with the special Sushiya menu

13 October 2014

This autumn restaurant chain of modern Japanese cuisine Sushiya will surprise its Guests with new unusual menu called “Gastronomic calligraphy”.

An unforgettable taste and an opportunity to get acquainted with Japanese culture – these are only few parts of pleasure, which our Guests will get when ordering new meals from “Sushiya”. This unusual novelty can also be ordered via our accurate delivery service.

“Gastronomic calligraphy” menu consists of five absolutely new dishes and each of them looks and tastes as if they were a pieces of art. In addition to the multifaceted taste our Guests will enjoy the exquisite presentation, as real Japanese people appreciate not only the taste of the dishes, but also aesthetic impressions. We have called meals in our new menu in accordance with the directions of Japanese art in order to make your acquaintance with bewitching world of Japanese cuisine more full and bright. Warm roll “Haiku” with shitake mushrooms, “Sumi-e” roll with fresh salmon, “Katana” roll with marinated tuna, “Fugu” roll with smoked duck and “Kanzashi” roll with scallop are presented to the Guests. Guests will be able to get to know the meaning of names of served dishes while waiting for the order to be done.

“Sumi-e” roll with fresh salmon was created with a special tenderness and care of our Guests, which are reflected in mild taste of the roll. A delicate salmon fillet and pate of juicy tuna in its own juice with adding a soft creamy cheese and fresh cucumber are complemented by spicy Thai sauce. We recommend to our Guests, who want to feel the rich palette of flavor, to try warm “Haiku” roll. Rice balls with Japanese shitake mushrooms fried until crispy are served with different sauces, including “Unagi”, “Thai”, ”Barbeque” and our new author “Green” sauce. 

Soak up into the sophistication and charm of Japanese culture with special menu from Sushiya “Gastronomic caligraphy” this autumn.

Irashaymase! Have a nice journey!

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