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Gift certificates for cooking master classes

19 August 2016

Gift certificate for cooking master classes at Sushiya is an excellent present for close ones, friends, colleagues and kids.

Its owner shall plunge into atmosphere of Japan, touch Japanese culture, and learn secrets and specifics of Japanese cuisine…   

Master class includes:

  1. Story of ingredients and key products used in Japanese cuisine
  2. Fish dressing, secrets of cutting, storage rules etc.
  3. Making rolls/nigiri sushi/gunkan sushi (felix)/salads/desserts
  4. Making drinks/wine tasting
  5. Dish recipes  

You can buy gift certificate at Sushiya restaurant at 3a Peremohy Ave.

Adult certificate costs from UAH 300 to 400, kid certificate costs from UAH 150 to 200 

How to use cooking master class gift certificate:

  • Certificate grants one person presenting it to attend one of group cooking master classes according to the price of certificate.
  • List of master classes, date, time, venue and price can be found at official website following the link: “Cooking  master classes for adults” and “Cooking master classes for kids”  or you can find all the details calling 067-447-52-11.
  • You should authorize your Certificate not later than 7 days prior its use. To pass authorization procedure a person who is going to attend master class or its proxy should call at (067) 447-52-11.
  • Certificate gives a right to a person presenting it to attend a group cooking master class. Certificate is not subject to money or any other compensation.
  • Certificate is valid from 15.08.2016 till 15.11.2016
For more information on the rules of use of the Certificate you can find here
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