Reconstruction "Sushiya District

8 December 2015

To the attention of the real Japanese cuisine' devotees in glorious Troieschina!

Your bellowed restaurant in Raion Shopping and Entertainment Center takes a short time-out. It will be unavailable for several days. But hold off on getting upset! First, the forced sushi starvation will last for 4 days only - from December 14 to 17, 2015. Second, we take a short pause to invite you to the renovated Sushiia Raion – a more spacious, comfortable and roomy restaurant, able to accommodate the growing number of our guests. And the third, if you are not going to wait for Sushiya as long as 4 days (which is the case for most of you), we would be happy to see you in the nearest restaurants - in SkyMall Shopping and Entertainment Center (2-т Vatutina Ave.) and in Sushiia at 2В Malyshko Str.  

The new look of the favorite restaurant is a tasty reason to spend the last but one weekend of the year! See you on Friday, December 18!

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