Sushiya has announced the results of the year.

25 January 2016

Network of Modern Japanese cuisine restaurants Sushiya has announced the results of 2015 - the 9th year of successful operation in Ukrainian market. The company starts its anniversary year holding 39 restaurants in 12 cities and towns of Ukraine (23 in Kyiv and 16 in the regions), more than 1,500 employees, new plans and prospects.

In 2015 Sushiia showed stable development trend. The Company opened new restaurants in Kyiv (Aprel Shopping Center, 19а L. Kurbasa Avenue) and in Lviv (Forum Lviv Shopping and Entertainment Center, 7b Pid Dubom Street), having invested about UAH 6.8 million in the same.

The company invested about UAH 1.8 million in two new restaurants, which opening is scheduled to the first quarter of 2016: in new Kyiv shopping and entertainment center called New Way (Arkhitektora Verbytskoho Street) and in Lviv, at 3 T. Shevchenka Street. However, due to the factors beyond the Company's control in 2015 Sushiia had to shut down 3 Kyiv restaurants in Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center, at Hrushevskoho Street and Horodetskoho Street.

The network development covered "Tochanaia Dostavka" (Accurate Delivery) Service: As of the date delivery of Sushiia dishes is available not only in the cities and towns covered by the network. It may be further used in the suburbs, the number of which is 17 so far. The amount of "Tochanaia Dostavka" (Accurate Delivery) Service's orders grew by 8.64% as compared to 2014. The company has delivered 486,275 orders. In 2015 the existing channels of ordering Sushiia dishes, i.e. the official website, mobile applications and the call center, were supplemented with the option of making an order via an annex for online banking called Privat24.

On its way to continuous improvement of the network standards in December, 2015 Sushiia became the first restaurant in Ukraine launching the Food Safety Training Comprehensive Program in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – member of the World Bank's Group and the major global development institute. The program was planned for six months term. To the extent of this project the experts of international level carry out the comprehensive diagnostic appraisal of the network, check all Sushiia restaurants in terms of safety and introduce their recommendations as regards improving the food safety control system.   The project completion will be followed by FSSC 22000 International Certification.

The Company keeps developing its logistic system and own import, securing the highest quality and retaining democratic prices. As of the date the share of import (including the own one) in the share of Sushiia procurements constitutes over 80%. The Company purchases the key ingredients in the USA, Vietnam, China and Latvia.

Sushiia constantly expands its menu offering its guests not only the traditionally bellowed and steadily demanded classical Japanese dishes, but also the creative seasonal offerings. In 2015 Sushiia menu contained 3 seasonal special offers – the network presented 16 new dishes and 11 drinks. Nowadays, the network's restaurants offer the special winter menu Fairy Winter. 

On its way to solve the problem of shortage in the qualified restaurant stuff, Sushiia invests in the own human resources training program. Thus, in 2015 the company hosted 40 waiter training courses and 66 cook training courses, having trained more than 1,000 new waiters and cooks of Japanese cuisine. The Company further invests in its employees' professional growth, providing them with the comfortable labor conditions and social guaranties. In 2015 Sushiia was for the first time qualified in the rating of the best employers of Ukraine according to Fokus magazine. The company was awarded the second top place.

Along with steady development of the business, raising the standards of restaurant business in Ukraine, growing professional stuff, securing jobs and revenues of the country's budget through paying the taxes, Sushiia believes that its mission also covers support to the society and various social projects. Thus, in 2015 as a part of supporting domestic motorsports the Company launched the project aimed at sponsoring the racing team – the first-timer of Closed-Circuit Road Racing Championship of Ukraine. In 2016 the project will go on and will be expanded. 

"2015 was not a piece of cake for Ukrainian business in general and for the restaurants particularly. All of us experienced the effects of unstable economic and political situation in the country, and Sushiia was not an exception, - pointed out Roman Romanchuk, CEO of the network. – Furthermore, by the year end the positive dynamics became increasingly manifest, and in general I would assess the previous year as rather successful one. We started 2016 with new ambitious plans, which we currently start implementing. We are opening new restaurants, planning expansion of the coverage geography, developing the delivery service and developing the concept of Sushiia 2.0 update. We are starting the New Year with optimism – yeas, plenty of work awaits us in 2016, but it is the work we love – treat our guest with high quality and tasty Japanese cuisines dishes, permanently surpassing their expectations".

Below you will find some interesting facts about Sushiia in 2015:

  • The most popular dish: Philadelphia Roll with fresh salmon (229,433 portions sold over the year) and hiyashi seaweed with sesame (220,429 portions over the year)
  • The most popular drink: Classical lemonade with mint (257,517 portions over the year)
  • The most visited restaurant of the network: Sushiia in Dream Town Shopping and Entertainment Center (Kyiv) – 147,619 guests over the year
  • The most visited restaurant of the network in the regions: Sushiia in Kings Cross Shopping and Entertainment Center (Lviv) – 135,299 guests over the year
  • The delivery service obtained the record number of orders on March 8 – 3,501 (approximately 4 orders per minute all day long)
  • The record number of visitors over the day: 1,111 visitors (890 bills) – February 14, Dream Town Shopping and Entertainment Center (Kyiv)
  • Rice consumed: 361 tons over the year.
  • Chilled salmon consumed: 111 tons over the year.
  • Avocado consumed: 98 tons over the year.

Smoked salmon consumed: 8 tons over the year.

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