Delicious new menu from the Legendary Seven samurai

21 October 2016

Delicious menu novelties from The Legendary Seven of Samurai. The team of Seven Samurai presents new tastes. Guys, we have news! Very tasty and appetizing ones. In order to warm your bodies and souls these cold autumn days, our chefs created seven new dishes for you. Meet The Legendary Seven at the restaurant chain “Sushiya”! Original tastes of dishes-samurai, that have magical skills. Let’s get acquainted:

  1. Hot Kyudzo – the leader, strength and courage of The Samurai team. What can be better than a good piece of meat combined with vegetables and spices and seasoned with barbecue sauce! Kyudzo knows how to strengthen the spirit. Try it to make sure!
  2. Life-giving Katayama – the tone of The Samurai team, raises spirit and charges with optimism. Mushroom cream soup, tasty and healthy first course, which gives your body energy and surprises your taste receptors with piquant additions – fresh mint and sour cranberries.
  3. Vigorous Izumi. Even brave samurai need women’s wisdom and liveliness in their team. Izumi embodies this role – roll with shrimp, cucumber and carrot in rice paper. It energizes and improves the immune system.
  4. Sagacious Takesi. Strength and courage are certainly good, but without bright mind no team succeeds. Fresh mix of different kinds of lettuce with cherry tomatoes, arugula, orange, beans and sesame seeds – source of vitamins to improve brain activity!
  5. Cheerful Tohiro – the spirit of the Legendary Seven. It warms you up and cheers your soul with delicate chocolate mousse, warm cognac, dried apricots and cherries. Just what you need this cold season.
  6. Unbeaten Nobu – the most optimistic samurai of the team. Cream mousse – a combination of white chocolate, healthy pumpkin, delicate cream and piquant spices ... Yummy!
  7. Our pride and secret weapon – Warm Shokogami. The mysterious magician with super skills to make people happy. If you doubt, it means you’ve never tried our chocolate mulled wine. That's how happiness tastes like!

The Legendary Seven is waiting for your approval and satisfied smiles on your faces. Do not waste your time – choose a samurai for yourself!


* The offer from The Legendary Seven: Order any three dishes and get coffee** or tea ***

* The offer is valid from 14 October 2016 to 15 December 2016 at the restaurant chain "Sushiya"; and does not include shipping.

** Coffee choice: Espresso, Americano or Americano with milk.

*** Tea to choose from: classic green or classic black (500 ml).

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