Kyiv, 3, Georgiya Kirpy Str.

Recently Sushiya has opened a new restaurant near South railway station in Kyiv. Now instead of exhausting waiting on the platform you can spend time in the cozy atmosphere of Sushiya restaurant and enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine.

The new restaurant includes two floors and can take 140 Guests who can observe big city life through the panorama windows. A pleasant bonus for our visitors - goldfish in an aquarium of 1000 liters, one of the largest aquariums of Sushiya restaurants in Kyiv.

Irashaimase to Sushiya restaurant near South railway station in Kyiv!

Anna Orekhova


Anna has been employed with the Company since November, 2009. She started her career as a waiter with the largest and the most dynamic restaurant of the company at DreamTown. Two years past, in 2012, she was promoted to the Manager position at Globus Shopping Center. There she worked for two years and was eventually transferred to the new restaurant at Gulliver Shopping and Entrainment Center, where she had to create a new promising team. Following one year of successful work she was transferred to the more active restaurant at 3 H. Kirpy Str. Since February, 2016 she has been a director of the said restaurant. The milestone of Anna's work is confidence in relations, comfortable and warm climate of doing a tem job. Anna's core goal as a director is creating a new restaurant, which every one would be happy to get employed with.

Kyiv, 3, Georgiya Kirpy Str.

phone: +380 (67) 209-82-57
delivery: +380 (97) 722 55 55
opening hours: Mo-Su 00:00 - 24:00

Number of seats

Hall: 140

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