Kyiv, 58A, Golosiyivskiy Ave.

The long-awaited opening of the new Sushiya restaurant in the residential complex 'Park Avenue', one of the most prestigious places in Kiev, took place in May 2013. Restaurant on Golosiyivskiy Prosp. is able to place 62 Guests at a time in restaurant’s hall and there are two summer terraces for 44 seats.

After the walk around down the colorful and quiet Golosiyivskiy park, you will plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of relaxation in the Sushiya restaurant. Our guests can be accommodated inside the restaurant on couches and on the summer terrace in the open air. One of the most enjoyable moments of relaxation - it's delicious and refreshing drinks with friends and relatives. Please be assured that sushi-chefs, bartenders and waiters of Sushiya restaurant will be able to create the most delicious holiday experience for you.

Irashaimase to the Japanese restaurant Sushiya on Golosiyivskiy Prosp.!

Kyiv, 58A, Golosiyivskiy Ave.

phone: +380 (67) 242-97-87
+380 (44) 390-00-58
delivery: +380 (97) 722 55 55
opening hours: Mo-Su 11:00 - 23:00

Number of seats

Hall: 62

01 January - 31 August

Sushiya wishes a happy birthday to registered users

We invite you to celebrate your birthday at Sushiya restaurants or do it with Precise Delivery Service by ordering your favorite sushi and rolls. We bring new bright impressions!


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