Vinnytsia, 51, Mykoly Ovodova Str., Mall "Sky Park"

In the center of Vinnitsia on the 2nd floor of a modern, bright and large mall “Sky Park”, is located the only restaurant of modern Japanese cuisine “Sushiya.” The restaurant is ready to place 142 Guests. Bright interior with a huge aquarium for goldfish for 1000 liters, excellent service and, of course, the highest quality of our dishes will provide all Guests of the restaurant an unforgettable stay.

Irashaimase to Sushiya in Vinnytsia!

Andrei Lyulyk


Lyulyk Andrei has been working in the restaurant business with more than 10 years, of which 2,5 years in the “Sushiya” team. Since the beginning of cooperation with “Sushiya” Andrei has come a long way: training standards of the company, the opening of the restaurant in Vinnytsia and the constant assigned to it of the unforgettable image of brightness, with high service and quality standards. As a leader Andrei appreciates the work of his team and likes the friendly atmosphere in the restaurant team. Andrei plans to continue leading the “Sushiya” restaurant in Vinnitsia, because he likes to feel the personal involvement of “Sushiya” company and to be an integral part of the chain restaurants’ command.

In addition to his beloved work, Andrei pays much attention to his family, in leisure he loves to spend time with friends, or play the game of Russian billiards. He reads a lot, as an art and a special training literature. Andrew has no doubt: “Who owns the information - owns the world” and considers it as his principle.

Vinnytsia, 51, Mykoly Ovodova Str., Mall "Sky Park"

phone: +380 (67) 656-19-34
delivery: +380 (97) 722 55 55
opening hours: Mo-Th 10:00 - 22:00
Fr-Su 10:00 - 23:00

Number of seats

Hall: 142

01 May - 31 December

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01 January - 31 December

Sushiya wishes a happy birthday to registered users

We invite you to celebrate your birthday at Sushiya restaurants or do it with Precise Delivery Service by ordering your favorite sushi and rolls. We bring new bright impressions!


05 April - 31 December

Vodafone Bonus in Sushiya

Information for "Vodafone Bonus" program participants, who has ordered and received a voucher for the restaurant chain of Japanese cuisine "Sushiya".


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